Wednesday, July 23, 2003


I have set up this blog as a backup to your blog. Never again will anybody be able to take you down. Ask your readers to do the same. We could get to where we have a hundred backup copies of your blog template.

The template is the only thing they took out.

I don't think anybody can ever take out the archives without taking down Google.

I don't know how to gain control of the archive files yet but I'm working on trying to learn. I just don't know how much I trust Google. I hope the folks at Google are moving toward truth with us.

Eventually I suppose it would be good to become independent of any entity and have a 100% fail-proff rock solid system disaster recovery plan.

I'll try to remember to swipe your template from time to time and slap it up over here at bedrock001. If you can get several readers to do the same thing you should be assurred of having a very recent copy of you template out there somewhere if you should ever lose your template again.

Maybe even make up some blog your own self that nobody else knows about and copy and paste your good template over there once in awhile.

Doug Kenline